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  • with Jeff Percival and George Blomgren - April 11, 2013
    For busy recruiters, pre-hire assessments may seem like just another complication in the recruiting process. In fact, they can help ensure you make the right hire, one that will stick around. In this episode, George Blomgren talks with Jeff Percival, Founder and President of Percival Enterpreise, to learn more about pre-hire assessments and how to choose the right one!
  • by Jeff Percival - July 31, 2007
    Many employers are now using pre-employment assessment tools. These assessments may make some job seekers apprehensive, but they are good for candidates too because as the saying goes, "If the shoe fits…" Such a simple concept in a world of complex analysis. The same holds true for jobs, "If they fit you wear them, if they don’t you won’t." Why is this important to you in your job search? You see, you want to get a job...